Eucation is key to economic competitiveness and social cohesion. It helps individuals and communities to reach their full potential. Governments across the world are therefore committed to raising educational attainment and skills and promoting access to lifelong learning. Governments face common challenges in seeking to achieve their education and skills objectives. How can new investment in learning be managed most effectively and equitably, often within decentralized governance structures? What strategies can be employed to secure resources from the private and not-for-profit sectors? What should 21st century learning organisations look like? What sort of teaching and learning should take place in them? How can out-dated management arrangements be updated or transformed?

AHG has a wide experience in the Local, State and Higher Education Fields and provides a full range of services including Accounting, Audit, Tax & Consultancy Services. AHG’s team of professionals at each service provided are always up to date with the latest Technologies and Innovations in the field of Accounting, Audit, Tax & Consultancy Services related to the Education Industry.

We help our clients to utilize the latest technologies, Innovations to manage and mitigate the risks the Education Sector is facing.

AHG Helps its clients with the Strategic Planning to avoid future risks and stay ahead as with the latest challenges of the COVID – 19, Organizations in the Education sector who were not ready by a proper infrastructure allows them to implement the distance learning are facing a very high risk of closure and uncertainty.

AHG is taking its social responsibility role in the Education Sector by moving its expertise and knowledge in the Accounting, Audit, Tax & Consultancy to the young entrepreneurs and future professionals through the Launching of AHG Academy.

AHG Academy were set to be launched in April 3rd, 2020 but due to the efforts of avoiding the spread of COVID – 19, AHG’s CEO announced the postponing of AHG Academy until further notice announcing that the health of the people is our top priority.”.