Asian Financial Forum

Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong 2024 to Effectively Exchange Views on the Global Economy from an Asian Perspective

Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong

The 17th edition of the Asian Financial Forum was held in Hong Kong under the title “Multilateral Cooperation for a Shared Tomorrow” and brought together leaders from public and private sectors to exchange views on the global economy from an Asian perspective.

A range of economic issues were covered in this forum, including the prospects of the global economy, advancements in financial technology, the green economy, and investment challenges and opportunities. It is worth noting that this forum aimed to provide participants with a platform to discuss and exchange views on the latest economic and financial developments.

The Minister of Finance Participated in the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong

Topics Discussed by the Minister

The Egyptian Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maait, participated in the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong. During this forum, the Minister presented Egypt’s vision of the challenges posed by economic crises and regional conflicts, particularly in emerging economies, and proposed innovative strategies to address these challenges.

The Minister also emphasized the importance of multilateral international institutions in addressing the financing challenges arising from global economic crises and searching for innovative and easy financing solutions that are more appropriate to the current stage, with the severe pressure it imposes on the budgets of various countries to provide the basic needs of their citizens in light of the high prices of goods and services and the difficulty of accessing international markets, which have become more expensive with this massive inflationary wave.

Then he reviewed Egypt’s strategy to diversify sources of financing, noting that Egypt issued the first sovereign green bond in the Middle East and North Africa, also issued sustainable Panda bonds in the Chinese market, and succeeded in returning to Japanese markets, by implementing the second international issuance of Samurai bonds in a way that provides new segments of investors and contributes to achieving sustainable development goals.

Asian Financial Forum

Several Bilateral Meetings Held by Maait During this Forum

On the sidelines of the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong, Dr. Mohamed Maait held several bilateral meetings with some of his counterparts in various countries and representatives of international institutions to discuss issues of common interest and ways to enhance bilateral cooperation, in a way that serves Egyptian trends in attracting more investment flows, to achieve optimal exploitation of available investment opportunities.

A Meeting with the Chief Executive of Hong Kong

Dr. Mohamed Maait held a bilateral meeting with John Lee, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Region, on the sidelines of their participation in the Asian Financial Forum to discuss ways to boost bilateral economic cooperation in different domains and promote promising Egyptian investment opportunities, competitive advantages and attractive incentives for the private sector as part of the state’s efforts to promote sustainable development.

A Meeting with the Chairman of the Hong Kong Green Finance Association

Dr. Mohamed Maait held a bilateral meeting with Dr. Ma Jun, Chairman of the Hong Kong Green Finance Association, on the sidelines of their participation in the Asian Financial Forum to advance joint efforts at the bilateral and regional levels to achieve sustainable growth that takes into account the environmental dimension, in light of the exceptional global circumstances that the global economy is witnessing and whose effects extend to various developing and developed countries.

A Meeting with the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong

A bilateral meeting was held with Dr. Maait and Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, on the sidelines of their participation in the Asian Financial Forum, to discuss ways to promote bilateral relations between the two countries concerning financial policies and mechanisms for positive and flexible dealing with what is imposed by the global repercussions of geopolitical conflicts, such as pressures on the budgets of various countries, especially emerging markets.

Asian Financial Forum

A Meeting with Hong Kong’s Minister of Financial Services and Treasury

On the sidelines of the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong, Dr. Mohamed Maait met with Christopher Hui, Hong Kong’s Minister of Financial Services and Treasury, to discuss deepening bilateral relations and exchanging experiences on mechanisms for dealing with the negative effects of global economic crises and geopolitical tensions.

During this forum, the two sides agreed to sign an agreement this year to prevent double taxation, push for the offering of local currency bonds on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and transfer and exchange experiences and delegations in taxes and customs between the two countries.

A Meeting with Representatives of Cyberport, Hong Kong’s Largest Technology Business Hub

A meeting with representatives of Cyberport, Hong Kong’s largest technology business hub, was held on the sidelines of the Asian Financial Forum to discuss ways to foster bilateral cooperation in digital technology with a focus on green startups. This is consistent with global strategies to tackle the challenge of climate change.

A Meeting with the Qatari Minister of Finance

Dr. Maait held the final bilateral meeting with his Qatari counterpart, Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, on the sidelines of their participation in the Asian Financial Forum to discuss the economic developments and challenges that the world is witnessing at the regional and global levels, in addition to reviewing bilateral relations and aspects of cooperation in areas of interest and discussing the ways to increase trade exchange between the two brotherly countries.

Asian Financial Forum

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