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AHG (Morison Global)’s current footprint extends to four countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The AHG Group began in Egypt and has grown over the course of 30 years of success to become one of the largest accounting firms in the region in Egypt and Dubai. Building on our proven track record. As a team of around +100 talented employees offering a wide range of services. AHG offers Auditing, Bookkeeping, Risk Management, Business Formation, Business to Business, Feasibility Studies, Solutions to Portfolio Compilation, HR Consulting, Payroll Enterprise. Moreover, AHG is proud to be a member of our ranking of the top 10 certified accounting firms in Egypt.

AHG company is committed to keeping up with accounting developments and staying up to date with everything new. We have a great interest in participating in events related to accounting and technology, and organizing events that enable us to share our expertise and develop the skills of our team, in order to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

AHG participating in the Morison Global Africa Conference.

AHG, one of the hosting companies for the Morison global Africa conference in Cairo, played a significant role in the event’s success. As a member of Morison Global, AHG contributed effectively to the planning, organization, and implementation of the conference.

They provided assistance and support in coordinating the overall event, working closely with other hosting companies to ensure that all logistical aspects such as venue selection, accommodations, and transportation were taken care of.

Their local expertise and knowledge in Cairo likely played a crucial role in smoothly executing the conference. Moreover, AHG actively participated in the professional sessions of the conference, sharing insights on topics such as auditing, tax services, company formation, and corporate finance.

The participation of AHG in the Africa conference went beyond professional sessions. As one of the hosting companies, they helped create an unforgettable experience for delegates by organizing an Egyptian entertainment evening on board the Nile Pharoh cruising restaurant, providing a platform for networking and relationship-building. In general, AHG’s participation in the Africa conference event was crucial to its success, showing their effective contribution to the professional and networking aspects of the event, demonstrating its commitment to the Morison Global network and dedication to promoting collaboration and growth within the accounting and consulting industry.

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