Incorporation in Dubai & Egypt

Incorporation in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most welcoming environments for foreign investors in the world.

In recent years, the emirate has facilitated the process of incorporation in Dubai for entrepreneurs from all over the world to do business in the Emirates, whether in procedures or the cost of establishing a company in the Emirates more than ever before.

Most investors and businessmen who are always looking for investment and establishing commercial companies often have an idea of what they want to invest in or they know the commercial market in which they want to establish the company.

They usually do this because they have the wisdom and high ability to organize commercial projects that can provide the required activities in the market from an administrative point of view.

However, these talented individuals may not always have the expertise in the legal and financial aspects required to set up and run a business. Therefore, it is necessary to appoint a team of the best-certified accountants who can provide all the steps for establishing a company with a strong financial and legal structure, whether the company is a liability company or a joint stock company.

Investment in the Middle East

The Middle East region is considered one of the most important regions in terms of trade, logistics and business establishment in the world. This is because of its ideal strategic location and because it is the mediator between East and West, and the State of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are considered among the most attractive countries for investments and the establishment of all kinds of commercial companies for all local investors within these countries or foreign investors.

Investing in the State of Egypt

Egypt is one of the largest economies in Africa and is strategically located in Africa and the Middle East. The Egyptian government is working to attract more foreign direct investment to the country, by improving and developing some factors such as infrastructure for investment, manpower, national security, political stability, taxes, rule of law, property rights, investment regulations and facilities provided. From the government to the investors. This made it the second-largest recipient of foreign direct investment in Africa after South Africa.

And the investment environment in Egypt is considered one of the most vital, attractive and stable in the Middle East and North Africa, where the state has issued laws and rules governing economic and political conditions, it is known that stability is a very important factor in the process of establishing any company, whether it is seeking in the commercial direction or service.

If you are looking to invest in Egypt or you are planning to establish a commercial company or a group of companies, you must know the country’s vision in the coming years.

State Vision 2030

The sustainable development strategy, Egypt’s Vision 2030, is a milestone in the path of economic activities in the country, as well as a roadmap that aims to maximize the use of its elements and competitive advantages. The strategy adopted the concept of sustainable development as a general framework aimed at improving the quality of life at the present time, without compromising the rights of future generations to live a better life.

There is also another type, which is solidarity companies, which are those that cooperate in different ways with organizations that have social goals.

Types of companies in Egypt

There are some important types of companies in the country, and you should know the difference between each type of them. If you are looking to establish a joint stock company, you should know that this type is considered the largest of all types of companies in the Republic and has the largest share in money companies.

Many joint-stock companies follow local and federal government departments and agencies, or they may be merged with government departments and agencies.

Types of free zones in Egypt

There are two types of free zones in Egypt. The first is the public free zones, and there are currently 9 of them throughout the Republic.

Contact us and find out how you want to establish a company in one of the public free zones in Egypt.
The second type of free zones are private free zones, which you can learn about the procedures for establishing through the official website of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones via the Internet.

Do you want to establish incorporation in Dubai ?

Foreign businessmen wishing to establish a company in the UAE, Dubai in particular, can benefit from the 0% tax rate in the United Arab Emirates on the income of companies and individuals.

Rather, the state has provided foreigners with many facilities in the process of establishing a commercial company through the possibility of retaining 100% ownership of the business in Dubai. In most cases.

Recent changes include the possibility of obtaining a long-term visa that allows foreigners to stay in the UAE for extended periods and possibly retire here at the end of their careers. With the right support, setting up a company in Dubai for foreigners is so easy that even non-residents can set up their business here and operate their business from anywhere in the world.

Types of commercial licenses in Dubai

There are two common types of investment licenses in Dubai for those who wish to open a company or incorporation in Dubai . The first is the mainland license. This license allows you to open a business anywhere in the UAE. However, if you are not resident in Dubai, you may need to work with a local sponsor in order to set up the business.

In other words, non-residents can start a virtual trading company in Dubai, according to the Companies Law in force in Dubai

Dubai Virtual Business District.

The other option is to incorporation in Dubai in a free zone. This is usually the most direct and cost effective way to start a business as a foreigner or non-resident in Dubai.

incorporation in Dubai in Free Zones

You can find everything you need to know about how to establish a commercial company in the Dubai Free Zone via the Internet on the official website or the UAE government portal.

Why Incorporation in Dubai wtih AHG?

AHG is a member of Morison Global in Egypt, placing us as a top 10 audit firm in Egypt.  We have over 30 years of operational experience in incorporation in Dubai and GCC market with a diversified portfolio of clients and industries.

AHG-Dubai is approved by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), as one of the pioneer offices in the UAE.  offices are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which employs high-tech software technologies on our audit process to guarantee premium quality assurance.

AHG has years of experience with Dubai Economic Department (DED) License or Free Zone License (all the free zones included)

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