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sectors -Consumer products

From smart packaging to pop-up stores, technology is allowing consumer products companies to engage with consumers in new and innovative ways.

We are Consumer Product Accountants and Auditors based in Dubai UAE

New systems for supply chain management and distribution, the relaxation of international trade barriers, and the growth of information technology have contributed to greater competition, overcapacity, slimmer margins, and greater customer demands

In contrast to wholesaling, which refers to the sale of goods and services to businesses and institutions, retail is the sale of goods and services to consumers. A retailer purchases goods in large quantities from manufacturers, either directly or through a wholesaler, and then sells them in smaller quantities to consumers for a profit. Retailers are the final link in the supply chain from producers to consumers.

Many retailers nowadays take a range of decisions at the strategic level, such as which store to open, who to serve, what products to include in their selection, the quality of customer service, accompanying services and their overall market position. After the retail strategy is set up retailer develop a mix of product, price, place, promotion and presentation together with staffing.

Consumer Product Accountants

At AHG Chartered Accountants, we provide only the best consumer product accountants from knowledgeable professionals. Our team has the know-how and experience to deliver top-notch results.

Our commitment is to serve our customers in Egypt, UAE and globally, offering a variety of services to meet their needs. We guarantee your business’s safe growth and development in this world of risks, providing you with the trust needed.

Having the right partners can be very beneficial for your journey; we can provide top quality guidance and support.

With a deep understanding of these companies’ most pressing issues and priorities, AHG’s Consumer products professionals offer a full suite of forward-looking audit, tax and advisory services, designed to mitigate risk, boost competitiveness and drive value.

Members of AHG’s Consumer products accountants global network are dedicated to serving companies in the consumer goods

AHG Accounting offers you innovative solutions specifically designed to support greater customer-centricity, including Customer and digital transformation, Data analytics and security, Supply chain management and Growth, new business models, data analytics and changing customer demands.

As consumer demands evolve, consumer products and retail companies must find the right balance between success today and growth tomorrow.

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