ETA Obliges Those Who Issued E-Invoice to Register on the Portal 2023

ETA Obliges Those Who Issued E-Invoice to Register on the Portal 2023

In accordance with Egypt’s vision for 2030, Egypt is moving towards digital transformation and adopting a strategy and course of action to convert all governmental services into a digital format by automating all procedures and providing services through a digital system without human interference. This is to speed up and simplify the process for citizens and to improve Egypt’s ranking in international competitiveness indices.

In this regard, the Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA) exerted a great effort to provide e-tax services to citizens without imposing additional burdens or commissions, encouraging citizens to pay taxes electronically. It also paid attention to raising the efficiency of ETA’s employees, introducing them to use the modern technology in their business, and developing the necessary infrastructure needed for mechanization.

Not only that, but it has already issued several decisions regarding electronic automation. Among the most recent decisions is to oblige those who issued e-invoice to register on the portal for the incentive program in 2023. Let’s discover together everything about this decision.

The Decision’s Details

ETA issued a decree no. 515 of 2023 stipulating that those who issued e-invoice are obliged to register on the online portal for the incentive program under the rubric “your bill, your protection, your prize” to control the collection of Value Added Tax (VAT), starting From October 2023.


What is the Incentive Program (Your Bill, Your Protection, Your Prize)?

The incentive program under the rubric (Your bill, your protection, your prize) was launched by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and ETA. It aims to create a new tax culture that urges citizens to ask for a receipt or invoice from shops and stores. It also gives incentives and benefits to citizens when they receive a receipt or invoice while purchasing a commodity or obtaining a service. This came within framework of Egypt’s plan to merge the non-official economy in the formal system. It is also a tool for a clear economic vision.

How to Register E-Invoice on the Portal?

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In order to register e-invoice on the portal, follow these steps:

  1. The seller sends a free text message from the number registered on the system, containing the citizen’s phone number and the invoice value to 9119.
  2. The system sends a text message from ETA Rewards to the citizen containing the purchase transaction’s details.
  3. The citizen sends a confirmation code to 9119.
  4. The citizen receives a text message that includes his discount code, its validity date, and a link containing the gift dealers’ names to obtain the discount.

ETA Chairman’s Statement on this Decision

Dr. Fayez Al-Daba’ani, ETA Chairman, stated that the incentive program under the rubric “your bill, your protection, your prize” comes within the framework of Egypt’s interest and direction towards digital transformation and financial inclusion, and the transition to electronic systems, such as the e-invoice system and e-receipt system. In addition, this decision came as an extension to ETA development projects to merge the non-official economy into the formal system. So, it is naturally that this decision will come after the e-invoice system’s application.

He added that this program serves citizens and protects them by obtaining the correct tax invoices for the purchased goods and the services performed. It aims at verifying wrong practices sellers done, such as collecting the tax without supplying it to ETA. This program also offers many incentives and rewards in addition to a periodic drawing of major prizes worth up to one million Egyptian pounds.

It is clear that Egypt in general and ETA in particular exerted a great effort to facilitate procedures for citizens and protect them from any fraud committed by the seller while collecting taxes, which will have a great effect on Egypt economically, politically, and socially, and will push Egypt towards a better future.