Egypt Energy Show (EGYPES) 2024 Aims to Balance Transition to Cleaner and More Sustainable Energy Sources

EGYPES 2024…….A Brief About It

EGYPES 2024 is the seventh edition of the Egypt Energy Show, organized by Christopher Hudson, President of DMG Events. It was held this year from February 19 to 21, 2024, at the Al-Manara International Conference Center in New Cairo under the theme: Stimulating Energy: Securing Supplies, Energy Transition, and Emissions Reduction.

EGYPES 2024 witnessed the holding of 80 discussion sessions with the participation of more than 300 speakers. It also included pavilions for 12 countries, including China, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Romania, which participated for the first time, Spain, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.


Who Attended EGYPES 2024?

About 35,000 participants from 120 countries, about 2,200 members of delegations, and more than 40 Egyptian and international energy, oil, gas, and energy technology companies, in addition to 450 exhibiting companies from various countries, participated in EGYPES 2024 this year.

Also, Many Important Officials from Egypt Attended EGYPES 2024, including:
  • The Prime Minister, Dr. Moustafa Madbouli
  • The Petroleum Minister, Tarek El-Molla.
  • Senior state officials.
  • Industry leaders.
  • Chief executives of major energy and oil companies.

EGYPES 2024’s Main Aim

The aim of EGYPES 2024 is to emphasize the importance of balancing the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources and securing their supply in more responsible and environmentally friendly ways to sustain economic growth and meet people’s needs, which is achieved through the commitment of the petroleum and gas industry to apply carbon emission reduction techniques in parallel with the development of green and renewable energies, especially hydrogen.


EGYPES 2024’s Activities & Sessions

EGYPES 2024 witnessed the holding of the Energy Sustainability Conference, with the participation of Engineer Tarek El-Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment. It included many industry leaders to explore the latest developments in the field of sustainable and green energy and the strategies required to achieve the goals of reducing emissions and removing carbon from traditional fuels.

The conference also organized the Climate Technology Challenge Forum to be a global platform for emerging companies to present their technological solutions to reduce carbon emissions before a distinguished jury of energy leaders, officials and industry experts.

In addition, the conference hosted the African Energy Dialogue event, which brought together the most prominent stakeholders in the sector in Africa to discuss the most pressing challenges related to policies, legislation, and natural gas infrastructure development, in addition to how Africa can exploit its rich resources in the energy sector to move the continent towards a more prosperous and sustainable energy future.

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The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Speech during EGYPES 2024

The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Engineer Tarek El-Molla, stated that EGYPES 2024 came in the face of many regional and global challenges, such as climate change that threatens the future of sustainable development and its negative effects on the economy, stressing that the seventh edition of this conference was an extraordinary version in which it became a more inclusive platform in line with the Egyptian state’s directions towards the integration of energy elements.

He added that Egypt had taken early steps to move towards energy transformation and committed to implementing international commitments to reduce emissions and accede to the Global Methane Pledge and had already translated this into operational and practical programs, notably expanding the reliance on natural gas as the first choice in the energy transition phase, which had increased its use in the hydrocarbon mix to 60% VS 40% of petroleum products. With the expansion of gas delivery to homes and gas conversion as fuel and presidential initiative Hayat Karima, gas offers clean cooking service to sixty-two million citizens of Egypt.

He noted that Egypt’s energy strategy to reach 60% renewable energies was being revamped by 2030 after its updates in 2016 with a target of 42% renewable energies by the same year. In addition, a national hydrogen strategy was launched, and a governance system was developed for use through the National Council established to manage the hydrogen industry.


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