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You will need an accountant who genuinely cares enough to take the time and trouble to discover what makes your business unique and who understands that you want someone to assist you with compliance of your work, AHG will happily serve you with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Vision: we don't just administrate and follow statutory process, we try to look strategically at your accountancy needs, in order to offer you the best advice, whether short term or long term.

Value: Efficient operating systems and streamlined ways of working mean you benefit from cost effective & value-added consultancy.

About Us:

AHG was founded in 1991 by Dr. Ahmed Maher (its President), AHG also is UK200 Group associate firm in Egypt.

Our team has many international certificates approved by the following international institutions like: AICPA, IMA, PhD in Business Administration, ACSA, ACCA.

With more than 20 years experience in the field we are ready for facing challenges.

Business start up: Most people who start a business do so because they have the entrepreneurial wisdom to recognise a proposition of promise. But these gifted individuals may not always be experts in the legal, financial and taxation aspects of running a successful business. Such considerations can therefore seem daunting, but with our comprehensive advice you can proceed with confidence and focus on setting up a successful venture


Construction/Real estate: The construction industry presents unique and complex operational challenges and opportunities. When considered with the broader real estate industry, you have what amounts to a major part of any economy. AHG specializes in assisting businesses who operate in these arenas.



  Dr. Ahmed M. Hassanein: Was born in Cairo and Graduated from Ain Shams University-Accounting Section.

Is the founder of AHG Chartered Accountants, he is a Certified Accountant here in Egypt, a Fellow for the ASCA (Arab Society of Certified Accountants),....



Our Team

Our team is our assets, and we believe that education is infinite  so our team is highly educated and updated with new technologies in the profession.



23 Mohamed Hussein Hekal St.

Nasr City- Cairo- Egypt
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