Choose An Accounting Firm in Dubai

Choosing an accounting firm in Dubai is definitely not a simple assignment particularly for CEOs or entrepreneurs. There are many variables out there that should have been contemplated while choosing any professional accounting service to handle your accounting-related tasks. `

Dubai has become a rewarding business place from being only an appealing traveler scene. They have developed to bring to the table business foundation and climate for new business arrangements. You can see more permissive government approaches and straightforwardness in the event that you start another business there.

It is not difficult to track down accounting companies in Dubai. But choosing the perfect and right alternative required heaps of things to check.

Before selecting any accounting companies in Dubai, start with an inside group to examine the organization’s bookkeeping framework. Have a conversation about essential focuses and illuminates explicit zones where improvement is required. This will give you a definite thought whether the group is equipped for dealing with the prerequisites; in any case, have a go at looking for any external accounting service provider.

Rundown of things you should have to open an accounting firm in Dubai

Dubai is seeing immense development and changes in the field of accounting and laws related to it. This is drawing in Indian accounting firms in Dubai and also other entrepreneurs from all across the globe. However, you must know about a few things that are compulsory for opening accounting firms in Dubai and find good chartered accountants in Dubai. Below is the list of those things.

1.      An appropriate degree in accounting

If you want to be a professional or an entrepreneur by setting up an accounting firm in Dubai, you should have a legitimate degree in bookkeeping or different subjects identified with it or record business. The certificate of the accounting degree will demonstrate that you to be a veritable accountant. The legitimateness of the degree will be cross-checked and discovered before you are announced qualified for beginning the accounting firm in Dubai.

2.      License at the professional level

If you want to open an accounting firm in Dubai the principal thing you should do is apply for an export permit for something very similar. This permit is given exclusively by the DED (Dubai Economic Department) in Dubai.

3.  Pace for setting up the firm

You should search for a space in the business regions as this will improve the odds of getting the number of customers that too without any problem. A client will feel more comfortable and guaranteed while managing in the event that you have an actual space of working. The certainty level of the clients goes up consequently. The best accounting firms in Dubai have legitimate arrangements and CPAs who are devoted to their work. You can likewise lease a space for your accounting firm start-up in Dubai. You also need a good chartered accountant for that you need a good chartered accounting firm in Dubai.

Process of opening an accounting firms in Dubai

A professional license is a must to open an accounting firm in Dubai. You will require submitting assorted grouped government structures, endorsements, confirmations, and other significant records. A new individual beginning an accounting firm will discover the cycle overpowering. Be that as it may, there are specialists for organization arrangement who helps at the beginning of the business and give one-stop answers for opening any kind of business in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates making the cycle a lot simpler and short.


The best accounting firms in Dubai should help deal with the monetary parts of the customers and furthermore deal with their records. Hence if you want to gain the top spot as an accounting firm in Dubai you should serve your clients with a wide cluster of administration and accounting solutions. There should not be any issue identified with money that stays strange by you under any conditions. You should have the option to confront each time of crisis and emergency.

Understanding Tax for Social Media Influencers

In the last few years, vloggers, online influencers, and bloggers have entered into a new industry. This industry is very lucrative, and more and more youths are showing interest in joining it. However, people who join the race of social media influencing hardly know that in the UAE, they will be taxed. If you are a social media influencer and not sure whether you should file a tax return or not, you can always contact a tax agent in Dubai and get your answers cleared.

Nevertheless, this blog will clear most of the things that might be bothering you about tax and social media influencers. One needs to understand that for many social media content creators is not just a hobby; it’s a full-time occupation, which is why they are taxable. Any service that an individual provides be it blogging, social media influencing, vlogging, and rest, if the individual is earning money out of it, that individual will be taxed.

Now that it is clear that social media influencers will be taxed, the next thing to know is how much will they be taxed? Here’s the good news for everyone, there isn’t any personal income tax associated with social media influencers, at least not in the UAE. However, the service that these social media influencers offer will be taxed under the standard rate of VAT, which is a value-added tax. 5% is the standard VAT rate in the UAE.

Since this industry is developing day by day in the UAE, it is better to speak to a tax consultant in Dubai and get help from them to declare the generated income. There’s another thing that you need to pay attention to. Since you will be generating income through personal branding, which is you, and if it is considered that you are running a business, you will have to register your brand for VAT with FTA.

Whether you are a full-time or part-time influencer, please remember that you will still be taxed. Let’s say you are working under a social media content creator, and you are getting paid for your service and helping the creator grow; you must report all your earnings. The VAT you will be paying will largely depend on the amount you earn through your work. Those whose annual threshold is AED 375,000 are qualified to register for VAT, and registering for VAT is, in fact, compulsory.

Certain things can help you lower the annual VAT bill. Some social media content creators can show the following as their expenses and reduce the overall VAT bill:

  • Equipment that you have purchased for your work, such as phones, laptops, and cameras.
  • You can show your broadband bills and phone bills as your expenses.
  • If you had to travel to different places because of your work, that might come under expenses.
  • Marketing costs can be included.
  • And training courses as well as website expenditure, these two could be included as an expense as well.

The best way to learn how to reduce the VAT would be to get in touch with the right VAT services in Dubai provider and speak to them about this in detail.

How To Choose An Accounting Firm In Dubai That Is Suitable For Your Business?

Whether you are running a small, medium, or large enterprise, you must pay taxes for your income if you are a businessman. With tax regulations, rates, and allowances getting changed constantly, it is always a wise decision to get in touch with different accounting firms in Dubai who you can talk to and understand whether they are suitable for your requirements or not.

Understandably, small companies have a lot to worry about. They have to think about operations, sales, hire new employees, acquire new clients, and more. On top of that, knowing how much they will have to pay is another stress; that’s why there are accounting companies in Dubai who can help enterprises file tax returns and explain the nitty-gritty.

That being said, it is highly prudent to hire the right accounting firm, because otherwise, you might get into trouble. Please keep in mind that there are accounting firms in Dubai who also offer VAT services in Dubai, can act as tax agents in Dubai, and more. One company can have multiple departments, and they can take care of all the financial work you would like to get done.  

Here are some tips that will help you find a suitable accounting firm:

  • Experience matters

Tax consultant in Dubai is all regulated, but it is always better to prefer experienced professional. Choose someone who is in the industry for a long time and has worked for an industry similar to yours. This will tell you that the accoutring firm is already familiar with what your business is all about. An experienced accounting firm is knowledgeable, and they will help you get a good return.

  • Pay attention to specialization

Here’s another and one of the most crucial points to consider. There are multiple accounting firms in Dubai, and not everyone will be the same. You need to know what type of service are you looking for. One company can act as an umbrella and offer multiple services, but you need to speak to the company and let them know what kind of financial services are you looking for. Based on that the company will help you find the right service. If you need someone for VAT, go with VAT services in Dubai; if you want someone to do an audit for your firm, pick audit firms in Dubai

  • Cost

Different finance services charge you differently. One company may ask for a flat fee, while others may charge you on per hour basis, or depending on the complexity of the work, the firm may charge you accordingly. Always know your budget and be a little bit flexible when it comes to cost.

Ensure to speak to the accounting firm about their cost, and also clarify if they have any hidden charge policy because some might have.

Wrapping up

Accounting firms can be immensely helpful if you hire the right one. Make sure to interview different firms before choosing one. Also, always choose an accounting firm who is here in the industry for a long time and has in-depth knowledge about your industry.

Bookkeeping Services Dubai That One Should Offer

Be it a start-up or an established organization; every business owner understands the importance of bookkeeping services in Dubai. Every payment that you receive to every penny that you spend needs to be registered in bookkeeping to make sure that you are able to run your business smoothly. If you have not paid attention to the Dubai bookkeeping service, it’s high time you do.

A bookkeeping service is so much more than just recording your receivables and payables. Bookkeeping services Dubai ensures the success of your business as well.

A good bookkeeping service will include a three-tiered approach so that the company’s overall finances get maintained properly. The accounting software specialist will develop the first prong. The expert will create all the accounting data files tailored to the business’s requirements and needs. Not just this, the accountant will also make sure that you as a business owner have access to accounting software 24 x 7.

Next comes the full-charge bookkeeper. Everyone understands the basic work done by a bookkeeper. The basic tasks involve maintaining an account for receivables and payables. Along with all the business’s financial transaction will get documented each day. Sounds quite simple, right. Not really. There is a lot more that goes under the second tier. A bookkeeper will also maintain and create monthly financial reports, handle every deposit, and manage payrolls. With the ever-changing tax rules, a bookkeeper needs to keep himself/herself updated all the time. Another thing that a bookkeeper does is reconciling bank statements.

A full-charge bookkeeper has to be there so that you can get a business loan quickly, design the upcoming year’s budget, and whenever you need to answer to an auditor, it is the full-charge bookkeeper who will be ready with all the answers.

Just between a full-charge bookkeeper and an accounting software specialist, another tier lies: creating balances and checks for and within the business. This specialist will take care of record everything that any of the departments in an organization spends. The company’s spending will also be compared to the budget for analysis and review. This is where the third prong comes into play. That person is the controller.

The controller’s job is to make sure that overall financial accountability is in place. The controller will check the ledger prepared by the bookkeeper for accuracy. Apart from this, they will also be responsible for maintaining integrity within the accounting data file. Finally, the monthly financial report will be highlighted and issued by the controller. It is the controller who will highlight critical issues in the balance sheet so that you can understand them better and address them as quickly as possible.

A bookkeeper is extremely important for a company, just like a chartered accountant firm in Dubai or a tax agent in Dubai. To maintain the good health of an organization, hiring the right bookkeeping firm in Dubai becomes prudent. The bookkeeping team will work for you to generate more revenue, reduce cost, and avoid making any financial mistakes. There is no doubt that a bookkeeping service is highly crucial for a company, and that is why one needs to find the right bookkeeping service provider.

Understanding the Importance of Chartered Accountant in Dubai

The increasing number of business have made financial documentation and calculations grow simultaneously too. In order to maintain an accurate financial report, expertise in the financial department has grown exponentially. If a business wants to strive to find one of the best chartered accountants in Dubai is paramount.

Find a chartered accountant firm in Dubai that will give enterprise of all kinds accurate guidance and will allow them to have better financial control to run their operations smoothly.

Only an excellent chartered accountant firm will have experienced chartered accountants, the best auditor in Dubai, financial advisors and tax consultant.

Entrusting a company’s financial affairs with a chartered accountant is quite a huge deal; that’s why one should contact only experienced accounting firms in Dubai.

Here are some of the key points why hiring a chartered accountant is crucial for a business:

  1. Get Reliable Advice

A chartered accountant is familiar with Dubai laws and regulations. A chartered accountant gives the right advice to a company he/she is working for. Accounting involves money, and that’s why it should be dealt with carefully. By complying with professional development standards, a chartered accountant will make sure that his/her skills and knowledge are up-to-date.

  • Professional Bodies

Chartered accountants are not just any accountant. They are regulated by professional bodies. These experts are bound to work by professional standards and a code of ethics. They will work as per specific procedures and policies, for example, maintain disciplinary procedures and professional indemnity insurance. Apart from this, their work will also include monitoring compliance of a company and quality reviews.

  • Thoroughly Experienced

A chartered accountant undergoes rigorous training, and they need to clear specific examination to become a chartered accountant. They carry out different accounting work for multiple clients across multiple industries. Which makes them aware of varying business standards, and they start garnering robust personal judgement capabilities. Chartered accountants work under tremendous pressure to do every accounting work precisely because one mistake can be extremely costly for the business. One suggestion is to pick a chartered accountant who has worked previously for your industry. This way, you will be sure that your CA knows in and out about your industry; plus, expertise in a specific domain is always an added advantage.

  • Integrity is Essential

An accountant handles and goes through the business and personal finances of a company; this is why one needs to have complete trust and confidence in their accountant that they will not disclose any information to anyone; this includes third parties. A chartered accountant is bound to work as per their code of ethics. For a CA, their clients’ interest always comes first and then anything else. A CA will always maintain professional standards; this way, you will be sure that the CA will take care of your finances properly and not disclose them to anyone.


Remember to hire an accountant that is regulated by a professional body. Otherwise, anyone can pretend to be an accountant. Do proper research about the chartered accountant firm in Dubai that you are planning to hire. You don’t want to hire an accountant who repeatedly makes a mistake. Never hire an unregulated accountant, else your company will be at a greater risk.

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